car window tint in birmingham

All we install is the best film available which is Formula One by LLumar.

Due to the differences in vehicles and a full assortment of film options please call the shop for pricing.

We highly recommend coming by our showroom, we have all our films on display. Once you arrive we will gladly go over all the films, the differences in them and pricing. We will build a package for you that best suits you, your vehicle, and your budget. Below are the films made by LLumar with short descriptions.

All LLumar Films for Automotive comes with a lifetime warranty against cracking, bubbling, or color change.

Choose from four different series

Classic Series Premium-Dyed Tint

        For great looks that last, the LLumar car window tint ATC series is the answer. Cool charcoal hues with the latest in dyed tint technology make the ATC Series the right choice for anyone looking to enhance their vehicle's style.

CTX Nano-Ceramic Tint

       Using innovative nano-ceramic technology, the LLumar CTX Series offers superior heat, glare and UV protection without interfering with the signals from your electronic devices-mobile phone, GPS, keyless entry, satellite radio and tablets, LLumar CTX ceramic window tint allows you to drive in style and connect with ease.

Pinnacle Series Ceramic Tint 

       Also a ceramic film the Pinnacle series is the best of all films. It combines a true black coloring with unmatched ceramic performance and also includes a one time scratch replacement warranty that is also transferable to new owners.

Stratos series dual ceramic tint

      Dual nano ceramic matrix stops 98% infrared spectrum of light, increasing heat rejection by a large factor. Stratos is the latest technology in window film. 

AIR 80 High Visibility Window Film

      If the look of dark window tint is not your style, LLumar AIR film offers similar heat and UV performance without altering the appearance of your glass.  This innovative film also improves the performance of factory tinted privacy glass. Lightest most powerful window tint in Birmingham.


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