The Doozer Project

Two Layers of RN 07 one on inside one on outside.

Single layer has 83% heat rejection and 93% glare reduction.

Race Trac Project

2300 Miles

32 Locations

4 Days

Two Way Mirror with Tint

Gestamp Project Macalla Alabama.

Window Tinting is a great way to Lower your cooling cost

   By applying LLumar window tinting to your office windows you can cut the solar energy passing through the  glass by up to 83%. Taking out close to 20 degrees or more out of the sunlight. In return allowing your A/C to catch up and win the battle against the heat gain emitting through the glass. Then your HVAC unit shuts off and does not work as hard or as often reflecting in a lower power bill and extending the life of the unit. Visit our Commercial Calculator to do an assessment of your potential energy savings.

      As an additional bonus your employees and yourself will have the added comfort of the glare reduction. Commercial window tinting cuts the harshness out of the light, making it cool and soft to the sight. Tint Pro has the best commercial window tint in Birmingham guaranteed.   

Tint Pro is the leader in window tint installations and is dedicated to swift and professional service. We are committed to being the best!

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