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All LLumar solar films for residential comes with a lifetime warranty against cracking, bubbling and color change. Tint Pro has the best window tint in Birmingham. Call for home window tinting, auto window tinting, car window tint or for removing window tint that is old or damaged.

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LLumar Solar Films are one of the best upgrades you can have done to your home. 

99.9% UV Protection

The most important benefit of home window tinting is actually the UV protection.  Stopping the suns harmful rays from damaging your investments such as hardwood floors, drapes, blinds, shutters, carpet, dining room tables, furniture, antiques, and paintings etc.  By the time you notice sun damage it is to late the time to protect your home was yesterday. Ceramic window tint offers the most protection from the suns harmful rays. Tint Pro has the best house tint in Birmingham.

Solar Energy Rejection

Notice where your A/C vents are in your home.  They are right in front of the windows and placed there on purpose to help match the heat coming through the glass.  We offer solar films with as much as 83% solar energy rejection but most common application in residential are around 50-70%.  So when you take out that much of the heat in the light your A/C actually starts to win the battle gets caught up and shuts off.  Resulting in a cooler home and a lower power bill.  Great way to go green.

Glare Reduction   

By far my favorite benefit of window tint.  Depending on how dark the film, is how much glare reduction you get.  Our top selling films get you 50-70% glare reduction, taking the harshness out of the light and only letting in soft natural rays of sun. Tint Pro has the best window tint in Birmingham.


So you are getting three different benefits from a single purchase that comes with a life time warranty making it a one time buy in.  The film will pay for it self in three ways protecting your investments nice things you've spent money on.  Reducing cooling cost most applications have a 3 year return.  Increasing your comfort in your home...

priceless. Please don't hesitate to call find out how much window tint cost for your house.

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