Tint Pro in Birmingham sells and installs high quality LLUMAR solar films better known as window tint on automotive, residential and commercial windows in Birmingham and surrounding areas. Reducing heat gain, UV damage, and glare. Lowering cooling cost, protecting your investments, and improving comfort level dramatically. We also offer paint protection, decorative films, security films, cut and printed vinyl for banners, signs, and store fronts. With a combined 55+ years of experience Tint Pro is dedicated to swift and professional service. Please don't hesitate to call for window tinting prices for auto window tinting, home window tinting and office window tinting. Window Tint in Birmingham.

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There are also many misconceptions or rumors about window tint.

  1. All tint is car tint.
  2. Will shatter or blow the seals on double pane windows.
  3. Turn purple.
  4. Bubble
  5. Distort your view.

All these are false. Tint pro installs high quality window tint made in America. Specifically designed to adhere to automotive, residential and commercial windows. Many offered with life time warranties to never fade, bubble or interfere with the integrity of the window. High quality window films will actually improve your view through your windows.   Tint Pro in Birmingham is the leader in professional window tint for all of central Alabama.

There are many reasons to have your windows tinted.

  1. Reducing the amount of heat gain through your windows by up to 84% keeping your car, home or office nice and comfortable.
  2. Eliminating 99,9% of Ultra Violet light protecting your investments from the sun's damaging rays,
  3. Cutting glare to remove the harsh aspects of sunlight allowing only soft gentle beams of light through.
  4. Lower cooling cost by insulating your windows relieving your A/C unit of the grueling task of cooling your auto, home, or office
  5. Achieve a privacy factor by darkening the glass with charcoal, mirror, or even a decorative finish.


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A few things to look for when shopping for window tint for your automobile, home or office.

  1. 10 year to lifetime warranty

  2. Free Quotes

  3. Made in America

  4. Window film that is specifically made for automotive, or residential and commercial windows.

  5. If a quote is way lower than the others you receive it is most likely reflecting the quality of the film.

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TINT pro is the leader in Window tint for Birmingham and the surrounding areas